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that happen? what does it look like? you will see it happen right here. to the campaign trail and the swing state of ohio where president obama has spent a lot of time talking about how his administration saved detroit. but thousands of employees for auto parts maker delphi may disagree, and their dissatisfaction could be key in a razor-thin race. steve brown has an update from dayton, ohio. steve. >> behind me is the last operating delphi factory here in dayton. it used to employ 25,000 in this area now 300. back in 09 when gm was getting bailed out delphi was going through bankruptcy and there were lots of employees salaried and union who were asking nervous questions about their pensions. >> how is our healthcare looking after retirement? how is our pension looking? everything is good. pension plan is well funded. >> we were told that everything was secure in your pension, and you plan on that for the rest of your life. >> until like its dayton area plants delphi shut down the employee pension plans handing them off to the federal government. >> when my pension went from 2,500 $50 a mont
outside the nation's capital. amtrak is suspend. megyn: president obama speaking at the red cross headquarters. we want to get to him right now. >> the red cross is doing outstanding work internationally. a few things i want to emphasize to the public at the top. this storm is not yet over. we have gone the briefings from the national hurricane center it many still moving north. there are still communities that could be affected so i want to emphasize there is still a risk of flooding and down under power lines. risks of high winds and so it is very important for the public to continue to monitor the situation in your local community, listen to your state and local officials, follow instructions. the more you follow instructions the easier it is for our first responders to make sure that they are dealing with true emergency situations. better prepared individual families are for the situation, the easier it will be for to us deal with. next obviously i want to talk about the extraordinary hardship we have seen over the last 48 hours. our thoughts and prayers go out to all the fami
was going to lower the unemployment rate down to 5.2% right now. today we learned that it's actually 7.9%, and that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. megyn: chris stirewalt the fox news digital politics editor and host of "fox news live." the number of jobs has ticked up, the numbers of jobs created has gone up over the summer months where it was truly abysmal. 171,000, obviously higher than 67,000, some of the other numbers we saw. put it in a larger perspective for us today. >> well, the larger perspective is i think we will live to see election day. i'm very happy about that, so you're right, i like hearing how close we are, but the other thing is this. status quo. the jobs report is -- i think the technical term is meh, not good, not bad, it's holding the line and it's the same kind of economy that the president has had for much of the last two years, which is unsatisfactory but not terrifying, so he is going with that, and when you hear an incumbent use terms like the most jobs created in eight months or u
are voting, which is they are voting overwhelmingly, in 2008 they voted for obama, this year they are voting for romney. this is why the white house has reason to panic. you are right about the headline. you talked about the demographic makeup. the justice department late with a blowtorch, trying to get them. i can understand the headline. the real news is what is happening with the president's approval rating. when we talked a week ago, we talked about that being the key number. since we talked a week ago, he has gone down from 53% to 47%. the rasmussen poll shows the number that i care about, along with the participation, and if i was chicago, i would be concerned. megyn: if you plug this into a model, you have almost 10,000 people surveyed, 36% republicans. the rest are independents. of the independents, they lean more republican than democrat. why would these posters be saying that governor romney is likely to win this election? >> first of all, rasmussen and gallup are showing mitt romney ahead. most of the national polls now are showing a small lever governor romney. here is the answer
't an issue the last four years, it is now. >> this is a smith and wesson model right here. >> reporter: in the swing states of ohio and colorado, gun owners could pose a problem for the president. >> what worries me most is that at that point we'll see the real, true barack obama. >> reporter: their concern? his plan to reduce violence by -- >> seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced. >> i was thinking i was worn in the country where i had the right -- born in the country where i had the right to keep and bear arms, and i don't know what he's talking about. >> it makes me nervous. i have three children and a home to protect. >> reporter: stephanie thomas run r rushed to the cincinnati gun store. >> i am definitely concerned. i wanted to come in before the election to make my purchase in the event that that ban is reinstated. >> reporter: 90 million gun owners live in the u.s., but in the eight battleground states, 2.1 million bought guns already this year and two million hold hunting licenses. gun owners fear the president would ban america's top-selling gun, the ar15.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)